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Your generous donations allow us to help the poor and the needy in Canada. Please browse through stories of some of Zakat recipients on the next page.


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Please send your cheque with Zakat Contribution Form to MIZAN 




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You can make donations using other forms of payment (by credit card or PayPal) as well as arrange for regular weekly/monthly donations through  our charity partner organization at by pressing the button below




How is your Zakat Spent?

In compliance with Chapter 9, Verse 60 of the Quran, MIZAN keeps its administrative expenses below the allowable 12.5% of donation. Historically over 90% of your Zakat goes to the poor and needy in Canada. MIZAN does not have paid staff.


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Quran Verse 60, Chapter 9


"Verily, the enjoined charities are for the poor, the needy, those who work to administer (collect and dispense) them, those whose hearts are brought together, the freeing of captives, the relieving of debtors, in advancing the Cause of God, and for the wayfarer; a duty ordained from God, and God is All-Knowing, All-Wise."