MIZAN is a not-for-profit registered Canadian charity that has been providing support to the local Muslim community since it’s establishment in 2002. It’s role has been to receive and distribute zakat funds according to Islamic principles.

The Muslim community has been growing significantly in North America, in Canada, in particular, over the past few decades. As such the community focus has expanded well beyond meeting the initial needs of establishing mosques, Islamic schools and centres for providing various social and welfare services. The local collection of sadaqat along with zakat by mosques and other community organizations have been used to finance these initiatives and activities.

However, over time, larger and more complex challenges confront the Muslim communities here in Ontario and across Canada. A need for a central system for the collection and distribution of zakat was recognized. As a result, a group of dedicated individuals took the initiative about a decade ago to establish such an organization, namely, MIZAN, Muslims Implementing Zakat Associated Network Inc.

Our Mission

Operate a registered Canadian charity consistent with Islamic principles to:


  • Relieve poverty and hunger
  • Participate with other registered Canadian charities to help maintain human dignity
  • Provide essentials and other forms of support to the needy
  • Maintain an accountable, organized and balanced approach to receiving and distributing charitable contributions that is compatible with Islamic guidance for ordained charity


Provide a service with the sole mandate to manage Zakat effectively within Canada according to:


  • Islamic principles according to The Quran and the Sunnah
  • Applicable Canadian laws
  • Sound operating and accounting practices

Our Objectives

  • Help relieve poverty and hunger within the local communities, here in the Greater Toronto Area, Ontario and across Canada
  • Work with other common cause registered Canadian charities to help maintain human dignity
  • Establish and maintain a fully accountable, transparent and balanced approach to receiving and distributing charitable contributions that are strictly in keeping with the Islamic guidelines for the ordained charity(zakat)
  • Provide a service in keeping with the sole mandate to manage zakat effectively within Canada
  • Operate under applicable jurisdictional laws, rules and regulations while applying sound accounting practices and efficient operations

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Zakat is the tool, in particular, that helps refine and polish the human soul through a delicate taming of the desire to have more. Zakat is a religious obligation for helping the poor, responding to the needy and supporting and protecting common interests upon which the well-being of the community and the nation depends.