Stories of People We’ve Helped


Stories of People We’ve Helped

These are a few examples of the many families MIZAN looks after. Most of these families are single mothers (80%) and the rest are refugees from war stricken countries and new immigrants. To abide by the privacy policy of our organization we have changed the names of the recipients:

Asma, a widower who is vision and hearing impaired, came to Canada as a refugee with the aid of the United Nations. Asma came with her two children after enduring torture for a number of years. MIZAN stepped in to help her and the children. As a result Asma and the children are now settled in a nice community. The family is now well connected with the community and MIZAN has filled their basic needs.


Rana came with her family consisting of her husband and 3 children as landed immigrants. Her husband started working as a security guard with an income that can barely make ends meet. Rana is unable to work as one of her children is autistic and the other has health problems. MIZAN helps by easing some of the financial burden they are carrying.


Salwa is a single mother with 3 children and carries refugee status. The eldest is 6 years old and youngest 4 months old. Even though she receives help from the government, our food cards is helping to buy basic needs for her baby.


Ibrahim & Salma are a middle aged couple with health problems who came from a war stricken country, with no income. They came with some savings but it is not enough to cover their living and medical costs. MIZAN is helping them to buy their needed medication.

Ibrahim & Salma

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Zakat is the tool, in particular, that helps refine and polish the human soul through a delicate taming of the desire to have more. Zakat is a religious obligation for helping the poor, responding to the needy and supporting and protecting common interests upon which the well-being of the community and the nation depends.